Feature Update: Subscriptions Now Available + More Ways to Promote Your Gigs for Free!

Behind the scenes, our team of developers has been working on some pretty awesome new features for SEOMojo.   Real quick, I want to go through them so you can take full advantage of them, both as a Seller and as a Buyer.

1.  The Biggest Update:   Subscription Services NOW AVAILABLE!

Want to sell a service over a continued period of time without having to ask your customer to reorder?  For example, if you want to sell a link building service where you will build 1000 links per month for your clients, then you would use Subscriptions.

If you want to sell your social services over time, use a subscription. Subscriptions can be used for any service, and they’re meant to bring in repeat orders, but also be highly effective for the customers too.

Instead of remembering to reorder a favorite link building service, or renew a “full service SEO plan” every month, you will no longer have to!   Set it up once, and wait for your work to be delivered!

Creating a Subscription service is SUPER EASY too.

  • Login to your account, and Go to Your Sellers Services
  • Click Add a New Gig
  • Create the gig just like you normally would, except now you will see a new option called: “Payment Type”

seomojo subscriptions

  • Choose Recurring Order, and that’s it!   Continue creating your gig just as you have always done before.


2.  Social Bump Update:  Promote Your Services for Free

You can BUMP your services to the Top of the SEOMojo Marketplace, every day!

This new feature will not only help YOU, but it will help socially promote the entire community, bringing more targeted buyer traffic to all of the services.   The more you and others participate, the more visitors your services will receive!  The idea is simple, yet very powerful.

You promote a randomly selected message about SEOMojo or someone else’s service on a social network and YOUR service gets bumped to the top of the SEOMojo front page listings.

Guaranteed:  The higher your service is listed on the front page, the more sales you’ll get.  And You can bump ALL of your services to the front.  Even if you have dozens of different ones!

To BUMP each of your Seller Services:

3.  Affiliate Program coming soon!!!

We’re currently working on an Affiliate program and the ability to develop your own “store”, just like SEOMojo.  You’re going to love it!

If you have any feature requests that will help make you more money, get more traffic, or would just make your life easier… let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.

Go here to Submit your feature requests.

be in touch soon,
The SEOMojo Team





Quick Download Link:  Click Here for This Month’s Top Seller Interview

Over the next several months, we’ll be showcasing Top Sellers who have sold hundreds of orders and are providing amazing customer service, receiving TOP ratings from their buyers.

We’re reaching out to them to reward and pick their brains, passing on their knowledge to our community of SEOMojo sellers.   If you think you’re worth of being showcased, let us know!   We’d love to hear from YOU.  Go to our Contact Us page and send us a quick message.

THIS MONTH’S Top Seller:   Joe Maresca (jmaresca)

When we saw that Joe Maresca’s (jmaresca) services were getting 100% positive reviews and ratings, and were selling like mad (projects ranging from full service SEO to Facebook social signals), we knew we had to showcase him and share how he has been able to become a Top Rated Seller on SEOMojo and make a a lot of money in the process.

We were inspired by his SEOMojo story, and we hope you are too. He’s a great example of growing a global business with customer satisfaction as his #1 priority.

To view our entire conversation with Joe, click the link below.

DOWNLOAD the Interview Here

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